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Elderly Wife Is About To Go Blind, So Husband Learns How To Do Her Makeup For Her

Love knows no bounds, and nothing exemplifies true love than this tear-jerking story of Jean and Brian. The couple are well-known customers of their local department store, where Brian has been taking lessons on how to do Jean’s makeup. Their goal is for him to learn how

Singer Starts Singing Famous Song, Brings House Down When She Perfectly Harmonizes With Herself

Music is the gateway to a greater understanding of the world around us. From our earliest years, listening to music helps us to form new connections in our brains. Learning to play an instrument or sing increases our aptitude for other subjects. Clearly, music has a deep

Mom Simply Said, “Go To Bed.” Twins’ Response Caught Even Her Off Guard

Having twins means you get double of everything! Double the fun experiences, double the mess and double the frustrating moments. For most parents, bedtime is one of those frustrating moments! However, this mom of two sweet twin boys has bedtime down pat. Instead of squirming at the

Tiny Dancer Chooses Powerful Song, Then Her Delicate Graceful Moves Put Tears In Everyone’s Eyes

Being able to say that you are a trained dancer at the age of 12 is something that most people couldn’t even imagine. But for Julia, that’s the reality she lives everyday! Julia trains day-in and day-out at the Juliart Dance studio and is completely devoted to

Man Saved By Domino’s Workers

For one man, being a loyal customer has definitely paid off. Kirk Alexander, who lives near Salem, orders a pizza from Domino’s almost every day. The 48-year-old man has been doing so for years, but doesn’t answer the door very often for anyone else. Yet he still

Mom Is Suspicious Of Son, Then Finds Receipt That Immediately Forces Her To Call The Cops

Lakesha asked her 15-year-old son Chris to explain what she had been noticing, knowing all along that he was hiding something. One day she observed him playing on a cell phone that she certainly never bought for him. She couldn’t let something like this slide, so when

Pilot turns plane around and mom is forced off – seconds later she realizes the terrible truth

Airlines often receive all kinds of terrible feedback from unhappy passengers. But the majority of the time they do a good job and much more for certain passengers. Peggy Uhle is one example and she will always be very thankful to the people at Southwest Airlines who

Man Films Fin Pop Out Of Ocean. The Next Moment Goes Instantly Viral

When people go whale watching it can often be a fruitless adventure, with hours spent watching the horizons while drifting out at sea. And most of the time you will have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. This was not the case

Marine Slow Dances With Daughter On Her Birthday. Now Watch Their Skills When The Music Changes

Jasmine’s friends and family gathered around the dance floor when her father took her hand. The father-daughter dance was a sure way of putting a tear in everyone’s eye. Jasmine’s beautiful gown grazed the dance floor as her Marine father led her into a slow dance with

Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

You won’t believe it, but Brett Nichols is only a teenager. With dance moves that mirror Michael Jackson almost perfectly, this talented teen has inspired thousands of people with this single performance. At a high school talent show, Brett Nichols brings moves that seem out of this