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He Plays “You Raise Me Up” On A Pan Flute, The Unique Rendition Is Taking Everyone’s Breath Away

There’s no denying that “You Raise Me Up” is one of the most beautiful musical pieces ever recorded. We’ve heard stunning renditions from almost every pop star in the industry – however, none of the past acoustic performances compare to this awe-inspiring version on the pan flute!

Little Girl Walking Horse In Snow Gets Stuck. Horse’s Response Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

Emma may be a tiny girl, but she has a big heart. Such a big heart that she has love for a giant horse named Cinnamon. The two have become unmistakably sweet friends since they were introduced when Emma was only a baby. Emma’s father, Justin Dunn,

Cop Walks Up Behind Dancing Coworkers, Now Watch How Quickly He Steals The Spotlight

A lonely wallet lying forgotten and abandoned on the cold concrete floor of a parking ramp jump started the craziest string of events that followed. A police car zooms past the wallet in the parking ramp and abruptly halts. Two officers hop out and sprint over to

She Steps Into This Large Wheel. When The Music Begins – Everyone’s Jaw Hit The Floor

Wheel gymnastics has been a growing art since the 1920’s, and when you see this young lady’s talent, you will see why. She steps inside the wheel, grasps her hands tightly above her body, and begins her routine. The rotation of the wheel itself is a true

Kelly Clarkson Sings Haunting, Emotional Song On Idol And Keith Urban Breaks Down

The result of Kelly Clarkson singing straight from the heart had the entire audience in a fit of tears. Here was a previous winner standing center stage on the show that changed her life, returning for the last season, singing one of her very own songs while

Little Girl Blows Santa’s Cover, And Has The Internet Losing It In Laughter

As Christmas inches closer, one of our favorite Internet celebrities speaks out about her thoughts on the holiday’s Big Man in Red. Mila is outspoken about everything from airport TSA to classmates at her school, but her latest video regarding Santa Claus is just too darn funny.